Why Data Science?

In the recent years, more and more data are generated every day, mainly due to the Internet of Things, social networks, site visits and e-commerce.

Understanding the data can help them to better meet customer needs or even improve certain decision processes with machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Today, data are everywhere, in all functions of a modern company.


What is Data Science?

The application of statistical methods to datasets.

Analysis of data via modelling.

The construction of algorithms for taking optimized actions upon the data.


What are some practical applications of Data Science ?

Customer analytics and web analytics.

Financial analysis and forecasting.

Deep learning and Artificial Intelligence for reading and interpreting images, texts and measurement data.

Fraud detection and risk analysis.

Quality analytics and predictive maintenance.


What can KwantumLink offer to your company?

Provide a better insight in the data that are available to your company, either data in internal databases or externally in internet.

Transform data into interpretable information and vizualize the content.

Engineer algortihms for optimizing decisions in repetitive processes.

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