Kwantumlink is an initiative by Robert, who started this activity after a longstanding career in the financial industry across various countries.

With an educational background in quantitative economics and business management, along with a keen interest in new technologies, Robert combines his corporate expertise into a consulting service that specializes in digitalization.

Picture Ariadne Araujo

With a longstanding career as presss advisor and investigative reporter, Ariadne has pursued several postgraduate studies related to the graphic language of images and their connection to philosophy and art.

She is the author or coauthor of several acclaimed articles and books. Is a weekly columnist for a major multi-streaming media platform in Brazil.

Ariadne brings a broad foundation in corporate communication consulting.

Portfolio of Ariadne

picture Alice Tomaz

Alice has a background as a university professor in Digital Media, Design Thinking, and Media Planning.

She has worked in fields such as journalism and marketing, with a focus on digital marketing, online campaigns, and their analysis.

Additionally, she specializes in Content Web Writing and Social Media.